About Me

I was born in Linz, Austria, but have lived all over Europe. Currently I am a CEMS Masters in International Management student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Having lived in Antwerp, Belgium in my teen years I developed a love for the dance scene. This developed into a events management business (Euphoria Events). From an age of 12 I noticed I enjoyed the creative subjects at school and took part in many plays and musical, hence to no surprise, I wanted to continue exploring my creative mind as time passed by. After a successful 4 years with Euphoria Events, I wanted to do something more creative within this world and decided to start a video and photography production house. Although I always had a passion for photography, my love for videography only occurred to me when my good friend Alexander Fagard took me along on one of his film projects as B-cam and I noticed how much I enjoyed filming. In my first year I joined Alex on as many projects as I could in order to learn as much as possible. Since over a year now I have started going out on my own and as can be seen from my portfolio I have been quite busy.

With every project I try new things, I develop myself. But what is even more important is customer satisfaction, that is why I work closely with all my clients in order to create a clear and comprehensive image of what I am capable of, and what their ideas and needs for the project are. I look forward to working with you!