The best marketing initiatives tell a story, they engage the viewer, and there is simply no better way of doing this than through the art of film. Have you ever seen a poster that has evoked as much emotion in you as a film? Translating an idea onto a screen and telling a story with it is how you will capture your audience through and through, and that is my aim with every project.

After being briefed by you on your ideas and wishes, and working together to create the best story for your needs it is my job to get the best shots that evoke the most emotion, and provoke the biggest reaction within your viewers.

In order to do this I work with the Sony a7s mkii camera. There is simply no camera that has such a big bunch for its size. Allowing me to film in 4k, 120fps slow motion, with a high bit rate to capture the dynamic range of a scene and high versatility, this camera is the perfect companion to bring your project to life. However, if there are any wishes for other cameras I can naturally oblige, be it for a secondary camera or a bigger camera (think the likes of the Sony Fs7) as a main. Furthermore I have great connections to many talented film makers and can always provide an additional number of high quality cameramen.


Naturally, once the shots have been made they have to be compiled into a video. This is also a service I render, be it for videos I filmed myself or for shots that someone else filmed and you deliver. I have filmed and edited numerous events, for an overview click here.

In addition to editing your film I also offer:

  • Color correction/grading
  • Logo stings
  • Audio post-processing

Once the project is final, you will walk away with a high quality video that ensures your brand and event will remain in the minds of your audience.


Photography is where my passion for film started, and it has remained one of my favorite things to do. There is nothing more rewarding than capturing that split second of a moment on camera, that moment where every detail is perfect. Having takes pictures of several parties and a number of professional events such as Europe's biggest on campus recruitment event (STAR Management Week) your event is in good hands with me. The Sony A7S MK II allows me to take high quality pictures in low light without the need of a disturbing flash.

Photography services rendered:

  • All pictures taken in RAW image format.
  • Sorting of all images for the best ones.
  • Post processing of all images.

Shooting the images in RAW image format allows for the greatest possible post processing as the camera does no image processing by itself. This enables me to edit every detail of the picture resulting in the highest quality images for delivery.